Giant Digital Counter
The giant display of this counter can be read even from the distance. The display is 70 mm in height. This kit is also availabe as a ready-made unit, the article-number is BCNT-F E.
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This digital counter is ideal industrial applications. But it can also be used for production or security purposes.
The circuit is based on an ATMEL microproccessor and ensures accuracy, reliability and easy construction.The count is
shown in three large red digits that can be seen in a distance up to 25 meters.There are three pushbutton-switches on the pcb to increment, decrement and reset the counter. If external switches or remote-controls are to be used, they also can be connected to the pcb.The counter can increment and decrement in the range from 0 to 999.

Operating Voltage 12 - 15 VDC

Display: 3 digits, red, 70 mm height, height of symbols 57 mm

PCB-Size: 90 mm * 149 mm

This kit contains SMD-components.
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Steckernetzteil 12V/1000mA

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