Electronic Thermostat with LCD-Display and digital Temperature-Sensor
The electronic thermostat is a reliable and efficient module for controlling
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Also, automatic alarming by insufficient or excess temperature is possible, for instance frost alarm in water treatment plants or overheating of rooms or equipment.
The temperature measurement with a digital sensor extends over a range from -25° to 120°C with a resolution of 0,1°C.
Hysteresis is selectable from 1°C or 3°C by jumpers. The effective temperature is shown on the LCD display, the desired value is shown in the programming mode. Furthermore, two LED indicate whether the temperature is in the set range. To adjust the desired value, only two pushbuttons are necessary. The small size allows easy installation and permits various applications.

Specifications :

· LCD-Display (1 x 8 characters)

· supply voltage 220 - 240V AC

· temperature metering range -25...+120°C

· resolution 0,1°C

· threshold adjustable in steps of 0,5°C

· output on, if to cold / to warm

· 2 LED status display

· hysteresis : 1°/3° selectable

· digital temperature sensor

· 2 pushbuttons for programming / operation

· maximum switching current : 6A/230V

· connecting terminals with spring clamps

· PCB size : 67mm x 89mm

SMD parts are used in this kit.

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