BQ2031PN Laderegler für Pb-Akkus
BQ2031-A5, DIL16, Laderegler für Pb-Akkus
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Laderegler für Pb-Akkus

The bq2031 Lead-Acid Fast Charge IC is designed to optimize charging of lead-acid chemistry batteries. A flexible pulse-width modulation
regulator allows the bq2031 to control constant-voltage, constant-current, or pulsed-current charging.
The regulator frequency is set by an external capacitor for design flexibility. The switch-mode design keeps
power dissipation to a minimum for high charge current applications.

➤ Conforms to battery manufacturers' charge recommendations for cyclic and float charge
➤ Pin-selectable charge algorithms
- Two-Step Voltage with temperature-compensated constant-voltage maintenance
- Two-Step Current with constant-rate pulsed current maintenance
- Pulsed Current: hysteretic on-demand pulsed current
➤ Pin-selectable charge termination by maximum voltage,∆2V, minimum current, and maximumtime
➤ Pre-charge qualification detects shorted, opened, or damaged cells and conditions battery
➤ Charging continuously qualified by temperature and voltage limits
➤ Internal temperature-compensated voltage reference
➤ Pulse-width modulation control
- Ideal for high-efficiency switch-mode power conversion
- Configurable for linear or gated current use
➤ Direct LED control outputs display charge status and fault conditions

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