MAX472 CPA High-Side Stromsensor
MAX472CPA, High-Side Stromsensor, DIL8
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The MAX472 is a complete, bidirectional, high-side current-sense amplifier for portable PCs, telephones, and other systems where battery/DC power-line monitoring is critical. High-side power-line monitoring is especially useful in battery-powered systems, since it does not interfere with the ground paths of the battery chargers or monitors often found in "smart" batteries.

The MAX472 functions with external sense and gain-setting resistors. The device has a current output that can be converted to a ground-referred voltage with a single resistor, allowing a wide range of battery voltages and currents.

An open-collector SIGN output indicates current-flow direction, so the user can monitor whether a battery is being charged or discharged. The device operates from 3V to 36V, draw less than 100µA over temperature, and include a 18µA max shutdown mode.

- Complete High-Side Current Sensing
- Precision Internal Sense Resistor (MAX471)
- 2% Accuracy Over Temperature
- Monitors Both Charge and Discharge
- Current-Sense Capability with External Sense Resistor (MAX472)
- 100μA Max Supply Current
- 18μA Max Shutdown Mode
- 3V to 36V Supply Operation
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