MAX335ENG 8-fach Analogschalter
MAX335, 8-fach Analogschalter, SPI-Interface
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The MAX335 analog switch with serial digital interface
offers eight separately controlled single-pole-single-throw
(SPST) switches. All switches conduct equally in either
direction, and on-resistance (100 Ω) is constant over the
analog signal range.
These CMOS switches can operate continuously with
power supplies ranging from ±4.5V to ±20V and handle
rail-to-rail analog signals. Upon power-up, all switches are
off, and the internal serial and parallel shift registers are
reset to zero. The MAX335 is equivalent to two DG211
quad switches but controlled by a serial interface.
The interface is compatible with the Motorola SPI interface
standard. Functioning as a shift register, this serial interface
allows data (at DIN) to be locked in synchronous with the
rising edge of clock (SCLK). The shift register’s output
(DOUT) enables several MAX335s to be daisy chained.

● 8 Separately Controlled SPST Switches
● SPI-Compatible Serial Interface
● Accepts ±15V Analog Swings
● Multiple Devices Can Be Daisy-Chained
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